Quick actions from the list of articles

Some operations with articles can be done right from the list of articles without the necessity of going through the page for article's editing.

Marking articles with a star

When pointing to an article an icon of an empty star [IMAGE] appears. By clicking on the icon you will mark the article with a star. If an article is marked with a star, the full star icon [IMAGE] appears at it. If you click on the star again, the star marking of the article will be canceled.

Change of rights for displaying and editing of articles or categories

If you need to restrict the rights for viewing or editing, you can do so right from the list. By clicking on the user icon [IMAGE] which will open a menu with the setting of user's rights.


Change of the visibility of articles or categories

Visibility of an article or a category can be set after clicking on user icon [IMAGE] into the following states:

[IMAGE] - Invisible - Article / Category can be viewed only by admin. In the app and in the panel it is invisible and inaccessible.

[IMAGE] - Public - Default setting when creating of an article / category - The article or category is visible in the app and the Beyond panel.

[IMAGE] - After login - Article / Category is visible only when the user is logged in.

More about users here

[IMAGE] - With a token - Article / Category can be viewed only with a special link.

[IMAGE] - Group - Article / Category can be viewed only by a logged-in user who is assigned to a certain group.

In case you choose displaying and editing by a group [IMAGE] another select box will open, where you can select the particular group. For this option a group must be created first.

How to create a group

Change of rights for editing of articles / categories.

Standardly every admin has access to article's editing. If you need to limit the right to a certain group of users, set the option 'Group' [IMAGE] in the select box and choose a group you want to give the rights to from the list. All of the users in this group will be able to edit that article or the group.

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