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Everybody's got questions. What about giving the answers to your users in a way, which will not distract them and take them away from your website?

Use the Beyond app for the answers to frequently asked questions concerning your project. 



How long can I use the Beyond app?

  • You can use it as long as you like. Forever :)



What happens after my free trial expires?

  • During and at the end of the trial version we will remind you that you need to prepay the service. If the payment won't be made, your data will be saved and archived in the Beyond app and you will be able to renew them within 50 days. If you'll have links on your website, they will not be working. After 50 days your data will be deleted.



Can I export my articles?

  • Of course. You can export all of your articles at once or separately from your Beyond app.
  • But why would you do that? You know that millennium old proverb: What happens in [some place] remains at [same place].? It's the same for Beyond. We are sure you'll like it just as much as we do.

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