What is Beyond and what are its uses

1. Slide-out panel

Is there too much content on your website? Do only some users need to see certain texts? Is your web not very well organised? Move part of the content to the slide-out panel. Create a link on your website, that will slide the panel out elegantly from the side. Thanks to that, your web will stay neat and well organised.


2. Articles database

Do you need to have your articles organised? Beyond is a cabinet with lots of drawers, which you can adjust as you like. You can put every single article in the right place, where it can be easily found and edited. Then you name the drawers and organise your website. Doesn't it make one joyful to be looking into an organised cabinet? Youwill feel just as happy as that looking into your articles database in your Beyond application.


3. Help centre

Do you own a bigger project and dream about creating a Help centre for your customers? Beyond application is the right solution for you! Save the article corresponding to a certain problem to the database. You can refer to it directly in the place, which concerns the given problem. The link will open the slide-out panel with the answer. You can also lead your customers to a place, where they can find all of the help centre articles. They will be able to search for the needed information in fulltext.


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