Where and how to edit your profile in the Beyondu app?

After logging in Beyond click on Your name at the top right.

Select User profile:

beyond-uzivatelsky profil.png



Many things can be edited in the user profile. Here is their list:

  1. Billing information settings

  • The space where the billing information is filled in. So we know who to issue the invoice to.
  1. Plan

  • When you have your billing information filled in, choose whether you want to pay monthly or annually. It is clear that you will save on an annual payment.
  1. Payments

  • Here you'll see when and how much did you pay. Everything is nicely arranged here, because order makes friends.
  1. Account settings

  • Here starts the space for your creativity. Create your name and upload a picture. The uploaded picture should be in JPEG or PNG format. Select what language you want to use in the administration. Do you wonder where to change your password? It's in this bookmark.
  1. My activities

  • The My activities bookmark is a place, where all the history of activity on your account is being saved. From here you can easily get to the last edited articles.

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