Installation of the Beyond Panel

Basic installation of slide-out Beyond Panel to your website or app is simple and doesn't require any advanced knowledge of programming.

Copy this code and paste it before closing </body> tag

To the body of your web (before the closing tag </body>) place the following script.

    (function(d) {
        var s = d.createElement('script');
        s.src = '';

Add the attribute data-beyond to all relevant links

<a href="" data-beyond title="Easy implemented link">Easy implementation</a>

And it's done.

Now your web's ready and you can start to place Beyond links to your web. The Beyond links to articles can be found in administration in list of articles or right in the article's editing.

...didn't you succeed in inserting a link? Once again then, in more detail.

You wrote an article in the Beyond administration. Every single article has its own Beyond link, its address.

There's a page with text on your website. In the text is the word „koťátko“. You want a slide-out panel with an article saved in Beyond app to open after clicking on the word „koťátko“. 

Switch your page editor to HTML version. Find the word „koťátko“. 
Put before it the first part of the link:

<a href="" data-beyond title="Easy implemented link">koťátko

The text between the quotation marks title="blublable" rewrite to the title you want the link to have.
Conclude the link by closing tag </a>.

<a href="" data-beyond title="naše koťátko">koťátko</a>

Now you surely did succeed! In the other case our online support is here for you. They will be happy to help.

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